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10 questions to ask your wedding venue

Booking your wedding venue can be stressful. Here are 10 questions to ask your venue to ensure it is the right one for you.

1: Is the venue available on your date?

This should be the 1st question you should ask. If the venue is booked on your date they may be able to provide an alternative or you may have to look at a different venue

2: What is the venue’s capacity?

You may have a specific number of guests you are looking to invite. It is important that your venue can accommodate your guests comfortably

3: Is the venue licenced to perform weddings?

If you are looking to have your whole day at one venue it is important to ask if you are able to conduct your ceremony at the venue

4: How many rooms are available for your guests?

Your guests may need/want to stay over at the venue the night of the hotel. If you are inviting children ask about the availability of family rooms. Venues often give wedding guests a discounted rate on their rooms too.

5: How much is the deposit?

Venues vary on the amount of deposit they require to secure a booking. ou may also want to ask about the payment structure as to when the balance has to be paid.

6: Will there be other weddings on the same day?

Couples often don’t want to see other bride and grooms on their wedding day so it is important to ask whether there will be any other weddings at the venue on your date. Some venues give exclusivity to their wedding parties but there is often a charge for this

7: Is there a noise restriction?

Depending on the location of your venues there is sometimes a noise restriction in place. This is especially important to ask if you are having a DJ or band at our reception.

8: Can i provide my own alcohol?

Some venues will allow you to provide your own alcohol for the wedding breakfast and toasts etc. There is often a corkage charge for this so it is advisable to ask this should you be thinking of providing your own

9: Is there parking available?

Guests often travel to the venue in their car especially if they are deciding to stay at the venue.

10: Is there disability access throughout the venue?

you may have guests or members of the wedding party who require disability access/facilities. Most venues should have good disability facilities but you may wish to check