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Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

I cannot stress enough the importance to take out wedding insurance. I want to share my wedding planning story with you to show just how important it is.

My wedding

Ian & I got engaged on the 22nd July 2010 and set all of our plans for the 29th July 2011. Everything was going to plan and someone mentioned whether we had wedding insurance. I said I didn’t need it because i was pretty sure Ian was going to turn up. ( I thought that’s all it was for)

8th July (2 weeks before the wedding)

My sister in law called me to say she had heard there as a problem with our wedding venue. I tried to call the venue but there was no answer. As soon I finished work I went down to the venue to find a note on the door. It read something along the lines of :

Notice – This hotel has been taken over by (administrators name) and gave a number to phone.

My Venue had gone into administration and had closed with immediate effect.

How we overcome it

We had 2 weeks to completely reorganise our day. We were lucky that our wedding was on a Friday and we were able to find an alternative venue with availability with such short notice.

Now because we had no wedding insurance we were left having to find the money for our wedding breakfast again. My parents had paid for the original reception and we now had to find another £1000 in less than 2 weeks.

All of our suppliers had to given new delivery addresses which in some cases occurred an extra delivery charge

The Outcome

To this day we have never received any money back from our original wedding venue and it is very unlikely that will ever happen. Our day has been and gone and although we had a fabulous day, it was stress we could have done without

Wedding insurance

Wedding insurance is so cheap to take out it can be bought from £20. Companies such a John Lewis and Debenhams offer wedding insurance. It can cover everything from:

  • weather
  • suppliers
  • venue
  • illness
  • rescheduling your wedding day

I don’t have any companies I can recommend personally but you may be able to ask for recommendations from friends and family

Our wedding day 29th July 2011

Everything turned out Ok in the end

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