how to avoid scammers
August 7, 2019 By craftycreationsbyliz 0

How to avoid scammers

I have read a lot on the internet over the last few weeks about couples getting scammed by companies. This makes me so angry, as a small business I think it putting people off trusting smaller companies. Here are just a few tips to avoid the scammers


Ask your friends if they have heard of them. Put a post on facebook asking if other couples have used their services.

Are they on a scammers page.

There are now facebook pages and groups dedicated to identifying scam companies and which companies to avoid

Just one group is wedding scams, brides and companies to be aware of


Does the company have a website. Visit the website and check out their images. Do they look like generic images or genuine photos. Some companies have been known to use stock photos on their website instead of their own

Phone number

Do they have a phone number. If so call them. Do they even answer, and if they do are they who they say they are.

Facebook page

If they have a facebook page, do they have many likes. Check out the visitors posts. This will be where couples or previous customers have written something about them. Do they have reviews and if so are they over a good time period.  

Enjoy your planning and remember to go with your gut instinct. If something seems uncertain or just doesn’t feel right it often isn’t.

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Liz x