how to save for a wedding
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How to save for a wedding

how to save for a wedding

Most couple are now taking an average of 2 years to plan their weddings. The savings I have worked out are based on a 2 year period

Direct Debits

Go through your bank statements and make sure you aren’t paying any direct debits you don’t need to

Gym Membership

Like me are you paying for a gym member ship you never use. A £35 a month gym membership could be costing you £840 over 2 years

Doubling up – if both of you are subscribing to amazon prime for example this could be an overspend of £239 over 2 years

Swap and Save

Swapping your whole supermarket shop to a budget one can save on average 30% of your bill. On a £120 weekly shop you could save £3744 over 2 years if you swapped to a budget supermarket

Swapping from brands to supermarket own

Using Kellogg’s cornflakes as an example. They are £1.89 per box. A supermarket own brand is 60p cheaper giving a saving of £61 over 2 years


Your gas, electric and water will be one of the highest expenses you have after mortgage/rent and food. Swapping your energy tariff or even your whole provider can be such a saver.

Using websites like compare the market, and moneysupermarket this can be done very easily


Do you have any habits that you could give up or reduce

Smoking – a pack of 20 benson & hedges are £12 approx. If you smoke 20 a day and give this up it could be a saving of £370 a month or a massive £8892 over the course of 2 years

Eating out – do you eat out regularly. If you gave up 1 night out a month (costing around £50) this could be a saving of £600 a year or £1200 over 2 years


If you did all of these things the savings could potentially be


Imagine the wedding you could have with that

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