raw focus photography
April 24, 2019 By craftycreationsbyliz 0

Raw Focus Photography

This being our first blog, we feel its only right we start off explaining why we are here today writing about our experiences to date. We have always had a keen interest in capturing those special shots, the shots that tell a story within a single moment!

It probably started when mobile phones became a pretty handy tool for capturing shots with ease at the click of a button. But for us, it didn’t end there, seeing what could be done so easily, with something that is so accessible to everybody this day in age just made us want to delve deeper into the possibilities, of what a “proper camera” could achieve. 

We finally bought our first ‘proper camera’ and instantly began shooting; anything and everything! Poorly exposed, poor composition and out of focus, we soon realised we had a little bit to learn. But that didn’t take away the fact that we still had that burning passion to capture possibly once in a life time shots, that would mean the world to brides, grooms, parents, children and relatives. 

When you think you know all there is to know about a topic your most passionate about, you come to the realisation that within the world of photography, everyday is a school day! And, that is what drives us to continue doing what we are doing, is the thought of continuously developing ourselves in this fast paced world, to pause the fast pace of day to day life with one single image that might just brighten up somebody’s day! 

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