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Who do I need to buy a wedding gift for?

It can be very overwhelming thinking of all the thank you gifts you have to buy. I have compiled a list of all of the people you may wish to buy a gift for with some suggestions. You by no means need to buy for all of these so don’t panic.

I have provided links to any products I produce or my fellow wedding professionals can help with.

Wedding Gift List

Here is the list

  • Bride – the groom often sends the bride a gift to open on the wedding day. This can be jewellery for the day, flowers, or something more personal.
  • Groom – as above – some companies provide a groom box with socks, alcohol etc with small tags to reference each item
  • Bridemaids – champagne flutes, hangers,
  • Best man – pint glass, socks, cufflinks
  • Flower Girls – water bottle, mason jar, teddy, sweets
  • Page boys – as above
  • Ushers – socks, hip flask, whiskey glass,
  • Mother and father of the bride and groom
  • Family members who have helped – did they make they buffet, baked the cake, altered your dress
  • Vicar

Professional gifts

There may also be some of the people you have paid for their services, but you still wish to but them a gift:

  • Photographer
  • Videographers
  • Make up artists
  • Cake maker
  • Vicar/officient
  • Florist

Things to remember

All these gifts can quickly add up. Set yourself a budget and decide how much to spend on each member of your wedding party.